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Thank you Jonathan!

(Original text by Jonathan, last name removed, translated online):

Jonathan wrote us a personal message and for this we would like to thank you very much:

Dear "dein-gewinnspiel" staff.
I would like to praise you for your website. Your website is beautiful and clearly structured. But what I appreciate even more is how you educate your community about various things such as "How do I recognize fake contests and competitions on the Internet?" ,How do I know that is serious? and much more.

I wish you a pleasant week!

Kind regards

Thank you Tobias!

Tobias recently pointed out to us that our SMS code was not arriving. Thanks to Tobias' help, we were able to detect a major problem with our SMS service and fix it within a very short time. We decided to thank Tobias with a surprise voucher. We wish you a lot of fun shopping!

TM Thank You

Thank you Léa!

With the help of Léa, we were able to improve an internal service that is responsible for the lottery data and ensure that everything runs smoothly again. We also thanked her with a small but nice surprise for her help. We hope she can enjoy a nice day with our goodie.

Lea Thank You 1

We don't have enough words to say thank you, Andrea. ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

Best read through yourself (original text by Andrea, last name removed, translated with an online service):

Dear dein-gewinnspiel Team

At this point I would not like to miss it to thank you once from the bottom of my heart.
I really became aware of your raffle page by chance.

Now I have already participated several times in your wonderful contests.
So far still without profit, but that is not bad. I have never won in my life in a contest

Because if you do not try, you can not win.
Therefore, I just try my luck again on the new, in the hope that the luck sometime on my side.

I am completely thrilled by your contests, but also by your prizes.
It is just in the current time with the Corona Pandemie not self-evident that contests with such fantastic prizes are offered.
And your prizes are just super awesome and as I said wonderful.

What I also find very great is your section "Important to know (FAQ)".
I read through this section at my leisure and was completely blown away by the information I was able to glean from there.
Again, in my opinion, this is not something that can be taken for granted.

They have really thought of everything and if you read through it carefully, then you know afterwards exactly how the draw is carried out.
Also just the hints for the "fake contests".
Your hints and advice are worth their weight in gold. Because when I think back, I have also received such prize notifications, where I would only have to pay the shipping costs and a small amount of 1.00.- - 2.00.-, for example a new iPhone.

Thanks to your tips, or what mach should pay attention to, I will look more closely at contests.
Except for your contests, I feel safe and it's fun to participate.

Regarding the participation, or rather, when it comes to the prize notification, I have read in your column that you sometimes do not reach the winners, neither via the e-mail address and/ or cell phone number.

If you contact the winners through the email address, I assume you are contacting them with an email address where the name contains your contest.
May I ask you what it looks like when you contact by phone?
Do you have a landline number there, or a cell phone number as well?
Would you perhaps let me know the number from which you notify winners?

I ask this for a specific reason. The reason is that I have been receiving calls from cell phone numbers for some time now, but they are from a call center.
And this not only once a day, but on peak days up to 8 times a day, which in turn is very tedious.
Therefore, I have stopped taking calls with mobile numbers that I do not know.

It would be a real pity that if you were to contact me from a cell phone number and I would not take your call, thinking that once again it is a call center.
However, I could also very well understand if you don't want to give out your phone number.
Perhaps you could give me some advice on how I would recognize a possible phone call from you?

I am already looking forward to new, great and exciting contests in which I will again be very happy to participate.
Perhaps I will win my first prize in your contests, which would make me very happy.

I thank you already now in advance for a short feedback.
Now I wish you further a good and pleasant time.
Stay healthy and take care of yourself.

Best regards


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