Frequently asked questions about our contests

Welcome to our FAQs about online contests in Switzerland! At we offer a modern and secure platform for users who like to participate in contests and companies who want to generate new contacts with potential customers. Our goal is to create a win-win situation for all parties involved, while ensuring that all activities are conducted in accordance with applicable law. Read on to find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our contests.

Can I really win something at

This is the most frequently asked question we hear over and over again. And the answer is: Yes, definitely! At our users have already won many cool prizes. What surprised us is that 8 out of 10 winners don't respond to our notifications. But don't worry, if you win, we will contact you by phone, email or WhatsApp. So if you suddenly receive a call, message or email, congratulations, you won!

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How can I be sure that is serious?

With us you can be sure that we are 100% serious. Our platform and all contests are completely free and there is no obligation to buy a product to participate in the raffle. We are transparent and take our users' feedback seriously to constantly improve the platform and make it safer. Also, we are the first platform to show its winners publicly, so you can see that our winners are just normal people like you and us. We have already made pensioners, commercial employees and IT engineers happy with our prizes.

We also invite our winners to visit us as often as possible so that we can present them with the prize in person. When that's not possible, for example due to the pandemic, our winners send us a selfie with their prize. We are proud to win the trust of our users, and our red winner sofa has become famous. 😎 All this shows that we take our work very seriously and that we run a serious platform.

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Why are some contests available more than once?

There are several reasons why we offer some contests more than once. As mentioned earlier, many winners do not respond to our notifications. Even if only two winners respond, one of them may not collect the prize after all or may not complete the formalities. In this case we let the same contest continue.

We organize and give away all contests ourselves. Therefore, we always offer popular prizes again, even if we have already given away the prize once.

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What are the experiences with

Many people search the internet for testimonials about Most of the participants who contacted us and collected a prize were very satisfied and happy. Many of them had participated in other contests many times, but with us they really won something for the first time. There was even one participant who was warned by others that it was just a fake contest - but of course that was not the case. Meanwhile, she has already shopped at Zalando with her contest prize. 😉

We are always amazed at the skepticism of some winners when we notify them. Although they have personally entered and confirmed their data, we often have to convince them that our contest, the prize and our platform are really genuine. But when they finally hold their prize in their hands, they are totally thrilled and all the more happy.

We are very proud of our platform and have had very good experiences so far. Of course, there are always negative voices on our website or Facebook page from time to time, but that is unfortunately normal for online presences these days. So far, however, nothing has been really bad or unpleasant for us.

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How can I participate in the contests of

You can easily participate via our platform. For each contest there is a registration form that you have to fill in with your data. Before you submit the form, you must accept our terms and conditions of participation, use and privacy.

Alternatively, you can enter offline if you do not want us or our partners to contact you for marketing purposes. Simply send a postcard to our postal address indicating which contest you would like to enter. You will find the address in the conditions of participation.

Our tip: If a platform does not give you the opportunity to participate in the contest without your consent for marketing purposes (marketing opt-out), you should be careful. The operator of the site may not take your rights very seriously.

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Can I participate in the contests of

Yes, of course! If you are at least 18 years old and live in Switzerland, you are welcome to participate in all our contests. All you need is a Swiss mobile number and a valid personal email address. You will need to confirm this during the registration process and you will be given away your name in the draw. It's absolutely free and there are no obligations for you as a participant.

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Does offer contests where everyone wins?

No, we do not offer contests with instant wins. Such contests usually offer a discount voucher as an instant win, but you can only redeem it if you spend a certain minimum amount. We do not offer such contests as they usually come with obligations. We do not want to impose any obligations on our users, so we only offer contests where you can win a real prize. However, consolation prizes like discount vouchers are fine as long as they are clearly marked as such.

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How can I increase my chances of winning in the contests of

The chances of winning vary depending on the contest and the number of participants. In less popular contests, your chances of winning are higher because fewer people participate. We offer a variety of online contests that we think will be well received by participants. However, there is no guarantee of winning, as luck plays an important role. We recommend simply joining the contests that appeal to you the most and participating regularly in a variety of contests.

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How are the winners of the contests drawn by

We believe in being transparent and simple when it comes to choosing the winners of our contests. We select a winner randomly from our list of participants. Once we have selected the winner, we contact them by phone, email or WhatsApp to inform them of their prize. If the winner contacts us within 24 hours, we will give them the prize. If no one contacts us within 24 hours, the prize will be given away in the next drawing. We believe in simplicity and transparency to ensure our contests are fair and equitable.

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When will the winners be drawn after the entry deadline and how long will it take to receive my prize?

We will notify the winners within one week after the closing date. If the closing date and the seven days fall on a weekend, notification will be made on the next business day. How long it takes to receive your prize depends on how long it takes you to collect the prize or complete and return the winner form. Unfortunately, we also have to insist on certain formalities to ensure legality. If you're quick, it should be within a week.

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How often are new online contests published on

We do not publish new contests according to a fixed schedule, but as needed. We select all prizes carefully and always ask ourselves whether we ourselves would be interested in them. Only if a prize really appeals to us will it be made into a contest. We are convinced that we can only stand behind the contests that we would like to use ourselves. For this reason, we offer a variety of prizes from different categories, including contests with technology prizes.

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What is the purpose of platforms like and such contests?

Contests are not a new invention and have been used before to generate new contacts for product sales. In the past, there was a stand with a wheel of fortune on many weekends. Before you could spin the wheel of fortune, you had to fill out a small talon with personal information. Our platform served as an alternative to physical wheels of fortune for customers and businesses during the Corona period. We decided on the spur of the moment to make something that users would enjoy and that would help companies generate leads for their business in a conscientious way. Our platform is the digital wheel of fortune and brings customers and businesses together.

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What are the requirements for to be allowed to run contests?

An important requirement is that does not demand payment for participation in the contests. Otherwise, it would be a game of chance or a lottery, for which special legal regulations apply. In addition, the platform must comply with applicable laws and ensure that all conditions of participation are transparent and accessible to users. The protection of personal data also plays an important role. Since meets all these requirements, participants can take part in the contests without any worries.

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How long are the different gift cards valid?

The validity period of the gift cards varies depending on the provider. We buy the gift cards shortly before we hand them over to make sure they are valid for a long time. If you need more specific information about the validity of a particular gift card, feel free to contact the provider or check online. However, we recommend that you redeem the gift card as soon as possible to make sure that it is still valid.

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How can I contact

If you have any questions or would like to contact us, you can always reach us by email: We strive to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

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How can I recognize fake contests on the Internet?

There are a lot of scammers and fake contests on the Internet, which are only aimed at taking your money or getting your personal information. There are some obvious features that you should look out for in order to recognize fake contests. For example, such sites often have no imprint or contact details and are often operated from abroad. Also, the lack of SSL certificates, privacy policy and terms of use are an indication that the site is not reputable.

🚨An important warning is also when you are immediately drawn as a winner and you have to transfer money to get the prize. In most cases, they will try to take a small amount from you, often with a plausible pretext like shipping fees or something similar. But don't be fooled: These profits are just as fake and phony as the emails from a prince who promises to share his fortune with you if you transfer money to him first.

The following characteristics may indicate a fake contest:

  • No company in Switzerland
  • No imprint or no contact details
  • No use of SSL certificates
  • No privacy policy or terms of use
  • Poor quality of the website
  • Instant win and request for money transfer

If you notice these features in a contest on the Internet, you should be careful and better not participate. After all, it's better to be on the safe side and protect yourself from scams.

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