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Note: dein-gewinnspiel.ch finances the competitions on dein-gewinnspiel.ch from the sale of leads (record of information from a person who has registered as a user of a website and has given their consent to be contacted for marketing purposes). By clicking on "PARTICIPATE FOR FREE" in the competition form, your contact information will be transmitted to dein-gewinnspiel.ch and you authorize us and our partners to use this data for processing and marketing purposes, to exploit it for a fee and to contact you even if you do not win.


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Internet, Data Security, WhatsApp and Email

The Internet is open and accessible to everyone. When you visit the dein-gewinnspiel.ch website, third parties may draw conclusions about a transaction that may already be in progress or may take place in the future.

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Restricted access:

The use of the dein-gewinnspiel.ch website and the elements contained therein are not permitted for natural persons, legal entities, partnerships or corporations whose jurisdiction prohibits the content, products or use of this website.

Amendment of the terms of use

dein-gewinnspiel.ch reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time.

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For all disputes between users of this website and dein-gewinnspiel.ch, Zurich is agreed as the exclusive place of jurisdiction. dein-gewinnspiel.ch is free to sue at the user's place of residence/seat. 

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Zurich, July 1, 2020