What you should know about dein-gewinnspiel.ch

dein-gewinnspiel.ch was created during the Corona (COVID-19) pandemic. We spontaneously decided that we would like to do something that would bring joy to the users and help the companies to generate contacts for their business in a conscientious way. We bring customers and businesses together, especially in the time when businesses and customers cannot be together.

Do you really win at dein-gewinnspiel.ch?

Yes, you do. Our experience is that 8 out of 10 winners do not respond to our notifications. We contact our winners via phone, write a mail or a Whatsapp message. So if your phone rings and it's our turn, you've definitely won! Congratulations.

How do I know that dein-gewinnspiel.ch is reputable?

Our platform is 100% free for every user.

You don't have to buy anything from us to win.

We are transparent on all sides.

Our winners are real people from real life. We used to like to invite our winners to the office (the red sofa was our signature move 😎 ) , nowadays winners send us a selfie of themselves with the prize - also good and a proof that our participants trust us.

Why are the same contests and sweepstakes back?

This is because we cannot give away a prize and we then give someone else the chance to win that prize.

dein-gewinnspiel.ch experience - this question is often googled

The participants who contacted us and collected their prize were very satisfied and happy. Most of them have registered many times on other sites, but with us they really won something for the first time. We also had one participant who was warned by everyone that it was just a fake contest. She has certainly shopped at Zalando by now 😉 . #winning

Our opinion:

We have had a very good experience so far. Of course, our site or our Facebook page has attracted the one or other hater, but that is unfortunately part of the online presence today. So far, nothing has been really cringe-worthy.

How do I enter a contest and competition?


It's easy to do. There is a registration form for all contests and competitions. You can fill out this form with the necessary data. Before you can submit the form, we ask you to accept the terms and conditions of participation, use and privacy.

This option is especially suitable if you do not want to be contacted for marketing purposes. To do so, send a postcard to our postal address. You will find this in the conditions of participation.

If you cannot participate in a contest without opting out for marketing purposes, then the operator of the site is not very serious about your rights. #attention

Can I participate in the contests and competitions of dein-gewinnspiel.ch?

Yes, as long as you are at least 18 years old and live in Switzerland. You have to fulfill these two conditions and then you can participate in our contests and competitions.

Are there contests and competitions where everyone wins?

No. Such contests and competitions are always linked to a purchase. Usually you win a discount voucher, but you have to spend a minimum value to redeem it. We do not offer this type of contests.

Which contests and competitions are worthwhile for me?

That's a good question as well as a difficult one. We put contests and competitions online that we think will be well received by participants. But as it happens, we are not always right. That's why there are contests and competitions that are less popular and where the chances for you as a participant are the highest.

How are the winners of the contests and competitions drawn?

We could tell you about complicated computer-controlled draws, which are carried out by sophisticated automated algorithms 📈 📉 to determine the winners of the prizes, or simply tell you the truth. We choose to tell you the truth because anything else would just be pomposity and a fake.

We will randomly pick a winner from our list. If the winner contacts us within 24 hours, we will give the prize to the winner. If no one contacts us, then the prize will be given away in the next raffle. We work simple and direct. #keepitsimple

When will the winners be drawn after the closing date?

The winners will be notified within one week after the closing date. If the closing date falls on a weekend, we will do it on the following Monday.

How often are new contests and competitions posted online?

Whenever we find a new product cool ourselves. We pick all the prizes based on whether we would use it ourselves. If we like something, then we make a contest and competition out of it.

Why are there such contests and competitions?

The opportunities for companies to establish contacts with customers are becoming more and more difficult. On the one hand, there are the regulatory and legal requirements, which are becoming ever stricter and more onerous. On the other hand, the pandemic has changed the entire behavior of customers and companies. While until 2020 it was still normal to be present at trade fairs and to meet your potential customers in the store or in shopping malls, today this is not possible at all. In addition, customers have absolutely no desire to be called uninvited. That's why we use our platform to ensure that customers and companies come together by mutual agreement. Customers win great prizes and companies gain new customers. With our contests and competitions we generate a win-win situation for both.

Is dein-gewinnspiel.ch allowed to run these contests and competitions?

Yes, we may. The most important requirements are that a) we do not require payment for participation and b) that no binding legal transaction is created (no obligation to buy a product in order to participate). As described above, participation is free for all participants and we do not have any contests or competitions where you have to buy something for a minimum value in order to benefit from a discount. #legal ✅

How long is such a gift card valid?

Each provider of gift cards has its own validity period for its gift cards. We can tell you so much that we buy the gift card in each case shortly before handover to give it to you. For more information, you can contact the respective provider or check the validity period online.

How can I contact dein-gewinnspiel.ch?

You can contact us directly via email: info@dein-gewinnspiel.ch
We will usually get back to you within 24 hours, except on weekends.

How do I recognize fake contests and competitions on the Internet?

One of the most obvious characteristics for fake contests and scammers on the Internet is that they hide in anonymity. They do not have a proper imprint and therefore no contact details. Often, these sites are also operated directly from abroad and do not take it very seriously with the security of your data on the Internet. They operate without SSL certificates and have no proper privacy policy, terms of use or terms of participation. They have bad websites because they delete the page immediately afterwards. But most importantly and at the latest there all alarm bells should light up with you 🚨🚨🚨 : You win immediately and they want you to transfer money first before you get the prize. Most of the time it's a small amount, hidden behind a plausible reason, so you don't think anything more about it (e.g. shipping fees or the like). These profits are as real as the mails from a prince who wants to give you his fortune if you send him money first.

In summary, you should pay attention to the following in order not to fall for a scam:

  • It is not a company in Switzerland
  • There is no branch in Switzerland
  • The website has no imprint
  • The website has no contact details
  • The website has no SSL certificate
  • The website has a bad quality
  • You win the main prize immediately
  • You have to transfer money to get the prize

Finger (keyboard) away from such contests and competitions. They only mean trouble and frustration in the end, no matter how nice and tempting these contests and sweepstakes may be. #safetyfirst #staysafe