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Europapark lottery - Secure 5x 4 tickets for Europa-Park in Rust now

Europa-Park is considered one of the most beautiful theme parks in the world. More than 5.7 million visitors from all nations come to Rust every year to enjoy over one hundred attractions and shows.

But Europa-Park, with its festivals, hotels and shows, is more than just a theme park. All year round, Europa-Park is an unmistakable and unique short holiday destination.

At, we raffle off 5x 4 day tickets for Europa-Park in Rust. So you can choose when you want to visit the park and which attractions you want to try out.

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In our contest, you can win the following:

  • 4 tickets for Europa-Park excl. travel

Europa-Park - Fun for the whole family and for roller coaster freaks

Besides attractions for young and old, Europa-Park offers great attractions for roller coaster fans. The highlights are very popular with roller coaster fans worldwide:

  • Silver Star
  • WODAN – Timbercoaster
  • Matterhorn Blitz
  • Schweizer Bobbahn
  • Euro-Mir
  • Arthur
  • Blue fire Megacoaster

Besides this roller coaster highlight, Europa-Park also offers you many other experiences, such as the coastiality roller coasters, where you ride through a virtual 3D world. But also the classics can be found at Europa-Park.

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Take part in our Europa-Park lottery now and win 2 tickets for the theme park in Rust or for the water world Rulantica. Find out more about Europa-Park here:

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For all competitions you can simply fill out the form and you are registered. You will not be redirected to third party sites, as we provide the prizes and raffle them ourselves.

Are the contests free of charge?

Yes, participation in the raffles and competitions is absolutely free for you. You only need to be 18 years old and live in Switzerland.


The competition is in no way connected to Europa-Park and is in no way sponsored, supported or organized by Europa-Park.

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